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We covered this event with a photo-shoot and then produced this composite image from some of the photos to capture the memories of that day. If any participants of this event wish to purchase a print of the photo montage featured here, or to have the high resolution digital image to print their own, please contact us for the cost of the digital file or a 16"x12" print.

Photomixmemories photo montage service works like this. If we have not produced the photography or covered the event...

Simply send us your photos (digital files or photographic prints) and our designer will create a composite image; a collage or photomontage to combine these images into a carefully designed single print that can be supplied framed or unframed.

The Tweed Run, 'a metropolitan bicycle ride with a bit of style'. April 9th 2011, London, Paternoster Square.

tweed run


The photomontage above was created after we had a photo session in Paternoster square near St. Paul's Catherdral, where this annual event gathered for registration, before the bicycle ride leaves to visit other sites in London. Ewan McGregor was one participant, wearing suitable attire, he substituted his motocycle for a bicycle on this occasion!

It's a truly brilliant event to spectate with some vintage bicycles, and lots of people putting on the style wearing tweed and period clothes from bygone days! The original montage featured above outputs at 16"x12" as a high resolution print.