Wedding photo collages created by professional artists

A Photomixmemories wedding photomontage creates the perfect memento of your special occasion.

The photomixmemories photo collage creation service works like this ...

Select your favourite wedding photos and send the digital files or prints to us at Photomixmemories. We will then design and put together a balanced image by hand, to combine your photographs into a photomontage, as a single image to make a unique wedding gift – the perfect memento, a synthesis of your memories.

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A Wedding Day photo collage, merges together multiple wedding images into a single unique print

Every wedding we have photographed is different and this one stood out because of the wedding transport – a red fire engine bedecked in wedding ribbons and making a great backdrop for a group shot! The wedding collage we created had to balance the striking fire engine image with the real stars of the show, the bride and groom. We not only provided the photomontage of this special day, we were the wedding photographers as well, and the Bride and Groom left the Registry office in their special taxi – the fire engine!